Martin Gebhardt on his experience as a Soul Apprentice in 2018

“The venue was beautiful with views out to the Waitakere ranges and surrounded by plants and fauna - It is a lovely tranquil spot and exactly what I needed to feel more grounded and centred. If you haven’t been to Soul Body and Mind Centre, check it out one weekend, it certainly has a range of different activities – I am going back for some Shin Yoga (a little like Yin I suppose?!).”
— Mia from Made by Mia blog

The SOUL centre is a beautiful venue, and Willa’s warmth, care, and attention to detail provided a very supportive environment for our meditation workshops.
— Jill Shepherd

Soul is the hidden gem in the hills of Titirangi. Settled in the bush the moment I walk in there I feel a calm and quietness that takes over all the hustle and bustle of my life. Always greeted with a smile I am drawn back again and again to the yoga classes which I love. but Soul has so much more to offer. Definitely worth a visit.
— Audrey Douglas

Thanks for creating SOUL, it has saved mine.
— — Liz Brookes

From the moment I walked in to Soul, I felt it was a very special place. I had been told by at least three or four people that “the lady there is very special” and “they do the best remedial massages I’ve ever had” so I was aware of Soul’s importance in the Titirangi community. “That lady” turned out to be Willa, the amazing director, and heart and soul of SOUL.

My Soul journey began with Shin Yoga classes post surgery for colon cancer, aged 33, and from there I have been blessed enough to experience deep emotional healing with Willa’s transformational cranio sacral therapy sessions; with many of the wonderful classes SOUL offers (Chi Kung, Dance, Yoga), and meeting many other amazing people, healers, artists and making wonderful friends along the way. But the most valuable and precious thing for me has been my learning from Willa, as she has graciously shared her incredible knowledge and wisdom with me. I am quite literally a completely different person now, and I can actually say I really enjoy life, rather than just struggling through each day. Willa does an extraordinary amount of things, day in day out, and keeps Soul running to be there as a haven and a healing place for people of all walks of life, and yet she always, always has time to answer your questions and guide you in any way she can. She does all this in a completely non-judgemental way.

SOUL is an incredible and unique space. i’ve visited many yoga studios but never seen in such a lovely one, with gorgeous bush surroundings and birdsong. It really is blissful. Thanks to Soul, and to Willa, I am now the person I always wanted to be!
— - Belinda Silk

It is such a pleasure to be part of a wonderful communal spirit... and soul-full journey;
I love being able to regularly share and partake in joyous and blissful celebrations of LIFE...
— Helen Keen

This year (2017) I had the brief experience of teaching Ashtanga Yoga, at Soul - in the paradise of the Titirangi forest.
I was invited by Willa, who warmly welcomed me to this lovely institution and explained me its trusting and free functioning.
Teachers and students, we all take off our shoes, open the door and feel completely comfortable and free to let go the pressures, thoughts and ties that inhabited our bodies, mind and soul during the day. It is a place of devotion, acceptance and discipline.
As a teacher, I felt absolute support and freedom to teach with truthfulness, my own way, with all my heart involved.
The environment is an excellent balance between the necessary objects for a comfortable practice and the necessary space and insight that comes with simplicity.
I appreciate very deeply the opportunity I have had teaching at Soul, which enriched my personal practice and teaching experience unforgettably.
— Rocío
I started yoga at Soul about 6 months ago. I assume that almost everyone who takes up yoga wishes they had started sooner.

My work stamina has increased, my back hasn’t gone in ages and my knees no longer feel so vulnerable. If enlightenment is the goal then apparently yoga provides a short cut. In my quest to bring my cheech and chong into line and to achieve the ultimate where some day I will manage to put my left toe into my right ear, I will know I am well on the way.

Soul is a haven; Tranquil, friendly and easy. The search is over. Take up yoga.
— Peter Osborne