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It all started when…

we had the most epic group of interns…..yes this is how things get born….babies, dreams and even online courses. In 2018 we seriously had the most epic group of interns, we met every week and Wilhemeena took us through some rigorous manifesting magic mastery. A year later……spread out around the world - this group are doing magnificent things.

And so we created………

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SOUL LIFE Community

the place where people come to get connected, to find their tribe, to tap into their full potential as creative beings and to STEP UP to the life their SOUL longs for. Are you ready??


Step one:  Join an intro course and see if it’s right for you


SOUL LIFE Intro:  8 weeks to help manifest your magnificence 

o   A place to check in

o   Be held in unconditional support

o   Share your dreams

o   Be held accountable to your goals

o   Turn vision into action

o   Be supported to create the life your soul is here to live

o   Tune into your heart

o   Learn to listen

o   Support others to live their best

o   BE in community

o   Feel the support of a whole team of people

o   Learn practices to support your life and goals

o   Learn to make courageous dynamic decisions everyday

o   Most Importantly: drink cacao


 What you get:

o   8 weekly group sessions

o   1 private session with Willa (with the option of more)

o   Daily rituals and practices to support your life

o   Community + connection

o   Homework every week – you know you want it!!

o   Hand-blended organic ceremonial Cacao for home practice (sent to where ever you are in the world.)

After completion of the intro course – you also get the chance to join the ongoing mastery community.

What you pay:

$333 upfront (save $67)

OR $180 x 2 payments – one at the beginning and one 4 weeks in (save $40)

OR $50 per week for 8 weeks by direct debit.


Introduce a friend discount – bring a friend, family, neighbour, lover, or buddy and get $100 off for every friend who signs up for the Intro course!! Get together with your buddy/ies for your weekly cacao and check in or they can sign in from any where in the world!!  A great way to support your o/s buddies and stay in touch.

When is it:

Thursday evening NZ time 7pm – 8.30pm (beware we might go till 9pm if we get too excited!)



What you need:

A device (computer, ipad, or smart phone - (we use zoom and the link will be sent to you on registration), A journal, A cup or vessel to drink from + cacao (sent to you on registration)

Having the space and being held by all of the group and Willa gave me the support and strength through my year. I had lots of different dreams and also fears. Doing the check-ins every week made my life so much better!!! Knowing that I was supported, heard, part of an epic group was essential for my everyday happiness and confidence. I dared to dream for the first time through Vision Quests held by Willa. I learnt to not be scared of being seen as myself, as an artist. I learnt that it’s ok to be and to express. I truly truly loved this whole year at Soul. I love everyone there so much because I could see them as they truly are, and they’re my loved ones forever. ”
— Bella Hernandez