The Soul Story

Founded in 2005 by artist and social entrepreneur, Wilhemeena Isabella Monroe, SOUL—centre of the body and mind was created as a place where people could come and BE....

Her vision was to create a community of like-minded people, who love and care for the planet, and love and care for each other and themselves.

Thirteen years on, SOUL is going strong with a beautiful team of volunteers, teachers, and facilitators—creating the world we want to live in...

Our current offerings include classes, workshops, retreats and adventures to expand you, lift you up and help you express your YOU-NESS!!

We live in Titirangi, on the edge of the Rainforest in New Zealand, but our soul life is global...

We take you on adventures all over the world.....

Come and find balance, creativity and a passion for life. 



Learn, explore and create with us!



Become who you were born to be!



Deep immersions to heal, love and live more fully.



A collective of beautiful people dedicated to helping you reach your fullness of health, body, mind and spirit.



It’s time to get hot!



Does your workplace need a rustle-up? Getting the work-day blues? Need to perk up yourself and your staff?





who we are

SOUL—centre of the body and mind is a retreat on the edge of the native rainforest of the Waitakere Ranges just 20 minutes from the city of Auckland on the tranquil isles of New Zealand. Located in the mountain village of Titirangi (meaning “the fringe of heaven”), SOUL is dedicated to providing a space of tranquility, nurture and expansion.


things people say

The SOUL centre is a beautiful venue, and Willa’s warmth, care, and attention to detail provided a very supportive environment for our meditation workshops.

— Jill Shepherd



Positions available to be a part of the Soul tribe.