KAITIAKI (Guardians of the SOUL)   

Wilhemeena Monroe, Matua Louis Kereopa, Caroline Robinson


Wilhemeena Monroe

Creative Team

Wilhemeena Monroe - Creative Director

Management & Admin team

Wilhemeena Monroe - Management

Dianne Knight - Accounts

Katherine Tate - SOUL Retreat Co-ordinator

……….. - SOUL Clinic Collective Co-ordinator

Thank you for giving me a place to work that inspires me creatively and gives me freedom to develop and grow in my career and in myself
— Janine Parkes - Administrator 2010 - 2011

Interns & Karma Credits:

Jess Winkle - Studio Management

Sherryl Gibbs - Systems Management

Melissa Irace - Marketing

Claire Hamilton - Design

Rustla - Maintenance

Natasha Smyser - Studio Environments

…………….. - Social Superstar (who dat? is this YOU?)

…………… - Environments - gardens + surrounds - (who wants to do cool stuff??

Soul Centre has been for me a home full of holy energy. The teachers are the most inspiring and encouraging people . I have improved my life in every aspect by all the skills I have learnt here. Thank you so much!
— Justine Pinier (SOUL intern 2014)

Weekly class teachers:

Wilhemeena Monroe, Hannah Taylor,  Melissa Jackson, Catherine Chappell, Jess Winkle, Tom Wilson, Carissa Hine, Amber McCleannan, Aaron Burr, Charlotte Keirle and Tatiana Oliek



Aaron Burr, Amy Lynn, Clare Taylor, Deven Sharma, Melissa Irace and Wilhemeena Monroe


Workshop Facilitators are professionally trained and are leaders in the modalities they teach, they have included:

Al Wunder(AUST), Sondra Fraleigh(USA), Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen (USA), Stephanie Skura(USA), Ged Sumner(CANADA), Elena Tonetti-Vlaimirova(USA/RUSSIA), Olive Bieringer and Otto Ramstad(USA), Gabrielle New(AUST), Lorraine Blackley, Connor Kelly, Aven Darling(AUST),  Felicity Molloy, Martin Hughes(AUST), Raewyn Thorburn, Val Smith, Wilhemeena Isabella Monroe, Zjamal Xanitha(AUST), Christine Cutbush, Ali East, Karla Brodie, Joan Laage(USA), Peter Sanson, Peter Fernando, Schirin Diba , Rena Czaplinska-Archer, Kate Rawson, Claire O-Neill, Louisa Walker, Robin Kelly, Gus Simonovic and Siri Risnes, Frank Van der Ven(HOLLAND), Katherine Ukleja, Jules and Michael, Shiela Kean, Amanda Levey, Josephine Costain(BALI), Shubda crew, Miranda Brown, Jaguar and Luen, Courtenay Stickels, Judy Satori, Kamilla Harra, Stephen Archer, Myrna Martin(USA), Karen Smith(UK)......


More about us.....


Wilhemeena Monroe

 BPSA, Dip CST, Cert SRT, Cert BIB, Cert Shin Somatics, Dip TMHST, RME


Wilhemeena Isabella Monroe is the founder and director of the SOUL CENTRE, and the founder of many of the programs it runs. She has been working in dance and holistic health and wellbeing approaching two decades. She is an established choreographer, director, filmmaker and dancer and has performed all over the world.  She is also one of NZ’s most prominent somatic practitioners and has a current practice at SOUL CENTRE combining, biodynamic cranio-sacral therapy, massage, movement therapy, dance, yoga, chi kung, meditation and plant medicine. She is a certified SRT facilitator, A Shin Somatics movement therapist and trainer, a certified Birth into Being instructor and teaches for the International College of Elemental Chi Kung - she has taught somatics and movement in many institutions, universities, training programs and communities.  Willa teaches Chi Kung, and Shin Yoga classes at the SOUL CENTRE as well as workshops and retreats worldwide.  She is also a workplace wellness consultant for selected businesses in the Auckland  area.


Katherine Tate


Katherine Tate holds our retreats portfolio and helps us get you to Samoa and Tonga and all manner of beautiful places in the world to get SOUL-ed up! She also teaches Skinner Releasing Technique and Shin Yoga at SOUL and has been Wilhemeena's assistant teacher for over 10 years. She is a certified SRT teacher, is one of SOUL CLINIC COLLECTIVE's massage therapists. She has a certificate in Relaxation massage from New Zealand College of Massage. She is also completing Somatic Movement Therapy Training in Land to Water Yoga through Eastwest Somatic Institute and SOUL CENTRE. Katherine graduated with a BPSA in Contemporary Dance in 2006, with a focus on choreography, somatic practice and research. Passionate that dance and body knowledge can be therapeutic and accessible to everyone, she aspires to create spaces for people to feel empowered in their bodies, deepen awareness and explore their expressive potential.




Amber loves to listen, dance and heal through touch, movement and conversation. 

Her practice includes working with flower essences, whole foods, somatics, yoga & more.

She is committed to creating rituals of healing and self care that connect us to our authentic selves and our earth.

She has trained with Sondra Fraleigh with the Eastwest Somatic Institute and SOUL CENTRE and Vincent Bolletta, founder of Hansa Yoga. She has been working with Wilhemeena as a student for more than ten years.

She holds a BCS from AUT, a Diploma in Yoga from Wellpark College & a Certificate in acute prescribing from the Auckland College of Classical Homoepathy.  


Hannah Taylor


With a background in contemporary dance, Hannah has been practicing yoga for the past 10 years and teaching for the past 3 years in both Germany and Australia. Having completed both a 200hr Hatha teacher training and a 500hr classical yoga, philosophy and meditation training, Hannah teaches a range of Hatha, Pilates and Restorative classes that incorporate both strength and release work with a strong meditative quality. Hannah brings her wealth of body knowledge as a professional dancer to her classes.





Sherryl is the Mojo Jojo of our operations hub making sure the different inner workings of SOUL systems are ticking over nicely. Having spent decades working in the corporate scene as an IT consultant then being struck by a disability three years ago, this ushered in an opportunity for her to reinvent herself. Now, she is an Ovio certified meditation instructor as well as working towards becoming a yoga therapist.


You can also learn more about her at



Carissa trained in a traditional Hatha style yoga comprising asanas (yoga postures) with pranayama (breathing exercises). She has been teaching classes for the past 15 years alongside raising four young boys for the past 10. She knows first hand the need to carve out time for self-care and love so to better balance the demands of being a busy mother.  She loves to share yoga with others and to help them along their yoga journey discovering the many benefits that a regular practice brings.



TEACHES YOGA for Kids and Mums and Bubs yoga

Charlotte started doing yoga about 10 years ago while she was living in Canada snowboarding competitively. She needed more flexibility so yoga seemed like a good option. After endless yoga classes, she decided to embark on the 2.5 year 1400 Diploma in Yoga Science based at the Mangrove Mountain Ashram. It was an incredible journey in which yogic living became emodied in every single cell of her body. The Training involved asana, pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra and kirtan. She completed her studies in 2018 and has been teaching ever since. Her goal is to help facilitate a calming, relaxing and safe space in which people can leave their worries at the door and learn to be in this moment by connecting to their breath and body.

Tom Wilson


When Tom was a kid he wanted to be a "mad scientist". This bizarre ambition has turned out to be quite an accurate description of his life path. He has always been excited by experimenting with life and the resulting AHA moments that emerge.

It turns out that much of this experimentation has been through various movement and mind/body practices. It started with Kempo (2nd degree black belt) and quickly moved onto Yoga, Acroyoga, Qigong and more recently dance (5 rhythms, open floor and contact improv).

His latest and most fascinating discovery is The Feldenkrais Method (R)... which he is currently training to be a practitioner in. Through this gentle yet powerful work he has let go of patterns of long standing chronic pain and moved into a new way of being.




Jess comes all the way from Oklahoma, USA. She first discovered her passion for yoga in the midst of grieving the passing of 3 friends at the young age of 19. The classes she attended during her grief journey were no less than a miracle that saved her life. She fell in love with the community, peace, and clarity that yoga brought her and immediately knew she wanted to share this with everyone. After a year of practice, Jess was awarded the ‘2017 Yoga Alliance Aspiring Teacher Scholarship’ that granted her to complete a 200hr yoga teacher training anywhere in the world.
She completed her RYT-200 in Ananda Yoga and Detox Center in Koh Phangan, Thailand and obtained her Reiki certification here. Since then she has been traveling teaching at retreats + studios in Australia + USA, and recently assisted a 200hr YTT in Thailand under her teacher, Johnny Nasello.She has just completed her 500hr YTT in Thailand and moved to Auckland ready to share everything she has learned!



TEACHES Movement + Freedom and Easeful Movement

“Aaron’s compassion with the body makes him truly unique and effective.”

Aaron combines MAT, Structural Integration, and his in-depth knowledge of anatomy to ease pain, address imbalances, align posture, and increase range of motion. His kind, thoughtful, and non-judgemental approach is what sets him apart.

His one-on-one and small-group movement sessions are fun and anything but traditional.  They focus on play, body awareness, and exploration of the limits of the individual’s ability.

Aaron works with a wide range of students and clients – professional performers, yogis, chefs, office workers, and those coming back to movement after a long hiatus.

Some of his students say he's magic. Others are just smiling because they’re feeling so much better after years of persistent pain



Catherine has dedicated herself to the dance for 33 years, as a dancer, dance tutor, choreographer and artistic director. She has trained extensively in Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation and Inclusive Dance both nationally and internationally receiving a Queen’s Honour the New Zealand Order of Merit (MNZM), for services to Contemporary Dance in 2018.  She was the Next Woman of the Year Award finalist in 2017 and recipient of the Creative NZ choreographic fellowship in 2012. Catherine has danced in Limbs Dance Company, NZ and toured internationally with Company Vivienne Newport in Germany and Italy.  Founder of Touch Compass New Zealand’s first inclusive dance company she was the Artistic Director for 21 years having recently stepped down to pursue new opportunities. Catherine is passionate about sharing her knowledge through innovative and unique ways of moving.


Queen’s Birthday Honours, The New Zealand Order of Merit (MNZM), 2018

 Next Woman of the Year Award, finalist, 2017

Recipient Creative NZ Choreographic Fellowship, 2012


Melissa Jackson


Melissa found yoga while in London in the early 2000’s.  She studied with Susannah Hoffman completing the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course in 2009 and, after returning to New Zealand, graduated John Ogilvie’s Byron Yoga Centre Teacher Training with Yoga Alliance 200-hour Accreditation in 2012.  

Her classes incorporate dynamic flows and restorative postures, breath work and guided meditation.  Her resolve is to share her passion and knowledge of the practice and philosophy of yoga with all who wish to take part.

Claire Hamilton

SOUL KARMA CREDITS program - Media and Design

Claire discovered SOUL back in 2009 when she had just arrived on NZ shores from the UK. Claire became a regular Astanga student and a few years later became one of SOUL's work-study interns, assisting with graphic design and marketing of classes and events. Claire is an urban designer and photographer in her day job. Since becoming a mum a couple of years ago, Claire is helping SOUL mostly from behind the scenes but is looking forward to being more involved and studying more yoga as family demands evolve and allow a little more flexibility!!

Victoria Camplin-Welsh


Victoria teaches the chi kung classes while Willa is away,  she has worked as a health professional for over 30 years in clinical psychology and psychotherapy, and has extensive experience in complimentary and alternative pathways to healing, and with many different cultures. She has a deep commitment to ‘waking up’, and through her professional and personal explorations, a long-term meditation practice, and working with embodied awareness, she has come to love bodywork as the quintessential medium for honing awareness. Victoria practices tai chi, 5Rhythms dance, yoga, Chi Kung, and is currently completing her training as a Chi Kung teacher at SOUL.


I love what SOUL is about, it is a safe place for me, to learn, to explore, to create, and be in relationship with myself and others. I feel I naturally contribute to its existence, with my own heart and Soul; this means its not just the hours I work when I am there, it’s the way I am there, how I talk about SOUL, also on the outside, which becomes part of referring people to SOUL through my own participation... I guess this is community building, we draw people to what we love, by the way we are in the world.
— Ingrid Nagl — workstudy participant 2011 - 2012

This has not been a job, this has been a journey of many steps and leaps. By contributing to something so beautiful and being emerged in it alongside Willa, I have realised that I have the capacity of beholding an ability to help and heal even in very small ways. I feel as if I have found a part of myself here that I never knew existed. Willa, your (what seems like magic) ability to create and hold a space has enabled me to unfold and grow in deep, amazing ways. SOUL has helped me find direction when I was very lost. I have learnt invaluable lessons that will continue to reveal their meaning as I grow with them. I thank you from the depths of my hearts universe.
— Clare Douglas - Summer Intern 2012